The Academy for Sculpture and Sculpture is located at Urbanstraße 178 in Kreuzberg. (easy to reach with U-7 Gneisenaustraße or with bus M41) The district has always been known as a trendy neighborhood. Art and inspiration can be found here on the doorstep, so to speak.

The study of sculpture at the Academy of Sculpture and Sculpture Berlin is a private study with Isolde Krams. The course of study is either full-time or part-time (evening and distance learning) and comprises an education of four to six semesters. The program consists of four semesters full-time or six semesters part-time. The goal of the program is to develop one’s own artistic, authentic, and mature work that measures up to the standards of current, contemporary art. The study is completed with a certificate. The students are graduates of the study of sculpture and sculpture with Isolde Krams.

Due to special artistic achievements during their studies, outstanding students are also appointed master students of Isolde Krams.

In semesters 1 through 5, we focus on closely discussing, illustrating, and applying the history and methods of sculpture. Semester 6, however, is all about doing the final papers in your own way in your own style. Students will choose one of the many methods and create a work independently, with the assistance of the instructors of course, which will then be exhibited at the end of the semester.

Both full-time students and part-time students have the opportunity to rent studio space if one is available.

Prior to the start of the program, an admission interview is held to decide or the student can study at the Academy. After that, the student can start studying in Isolde Krams’ sculpture class.

Both full-time and part-time students work in their own studios on specified themes/content and bring their work, in the case of larger works as photographs, to the Academy for evaluation. Weekly assessments, reviews, and corrections are emailed to in-service students. Full-time students also have the opportunity to receive their evaluations and corrections via email.

The university is an international institution. The academy is oriented for German students as well as students from all over the world. Courses are held in German or English as required.

In-service students should attend class offerings at least once a semester in Berlin, and present their own work in a meeting.

The public presentations Studiums also take place in Berlin.

The study at the Academy of Sculpture Berlin is characterized by the fact that


* they work in their own studio space at home or at the Academy of Sculpture Berlin, but still have the exchange with a group of students of sculpture and sculpture,


a significant part of the study consists of work meetings and work presentations in the group that take place every Monday

will be held from 9.00 – 12.30


* studies are accompanied by individual work meetings, as often as students request them, group meetings, and public presentations.

The experience of independent presentation is an essential part of the program to prepare students for their own exhibitions. Students are encouraged to visit art exhibits and museums as often as possible.

The prerequisite for admission to the study program is, in addition to artistic talent and the corresponding motivation, the mutual decision of the applicants and the academy director to pursue the path of studying sculpture and sculpture together. A non-binding informational interview is recommended to apply to the program.